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Would you like to be involved in this?

Simply hang a star or an angel, or both, in a prominent place in your window[s] during December, and leave it there for the whole of the Christmas period.

Just as the angels heralded the news to the shepherds that a New King had been born and the star guided the Kings to the stable, so we invite people to prepare to welcome the baby Jesus into their homes this Christmas.

It is going to work a little bit like the Rainbows for the NHS.


Click image to down load outline to colour

Local school children will be encouraged to count the stars and angels as they are walking to and from school.

This is something a little bit different this year with not too much skill required. You can use bought Christmas decorations, be creative and make your own or collect angel and star cards from St Luke’s Church during service times, these you can then colour in and hang in your windows.

Let us make this run up to Christmas, this season of Advent, a special time and get as many people on board as we possibly can.          

Sue Smither     x