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Message from God

 ‘A bit of humour to help you smile during a difficult time’ by Geoffrey Poole – not to be taken too seriously’ 

"Hello my children this is God. You ask what does God want?

Well I would have liked to have been asked if all my houses should be closed. It is very lonely on Sundays now. You can only take so much of angels, cherubim, seraphim and the other hosts of heaven and I do miss the hymns. Not so sure about some the sermons though. My archbishops and bishops can be indecisive and a little presumptuous at times.

As you know I do have some experience of plagues for some of which I have been responsible. I leave it to the theologians and philosophers to work the purpose of this one.

In spite of this I want you to know that I am with you always.

With hope and courage my children there will be redemption for you all.

Keep caring for each other even if it is at a distance"